interlude[. ]

ok so you’ve probably noticed that things are a bit slow round here. there’s a reason:: the dmca has been on my asz about a couple of leaks. and instead of contacting me directly, the notices go to the good folks at wordpress. and they say if they receive one more notice, my site will be suspended. blah. meaning if i’d want to continue with this here blog, i’d have to only post things warranted by the artists themselves and we all know that would suck. so i’ve been laying low with posting leaks until i figure out what the h-e-double l, hell i’ma do. i’ve thought about doing the click-the-pic-to-download or posting the links in the comments, but i don’t wanna risk that one last chance that i have. some have said that i probably wouldn’t be having this problem if i purchased a domain but that still is something that i don’t wanna do rite now. so i’m just a bit stuck at the moment. summer’s almost over and i start school again in about a week or so, so things probably would’ve slowed down regardless. i won’t know my ability to stay updated until i get back in classes and see how things go. this is not the end of me or this site, but if it is [in case the dmca find another leak they don’t like] i just wanna thank all my viewers\readers. it’s been a great 2&1/2 weeks lol. i hit my 5000+ hits mark yesterday and within that time-span, i think that’s pretty damn good for myself.  i hate to leave or slow down when things just start getting good and steady, but i’m being cautious until i know what i can do to prevent a shut-down or suspension. i’ll still be posting leaks through my twitter and if you’re one of those lucky few who are a part of my other home, you know i got you covered. i’ll be back soon\later\sometime. till then…

~ by poetik517 on 08/13/2009.

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  1. its so haaaaaaard to say goodbye…..

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